pMoorePortasha R. Moore was born in Phoenix, Arizona. At an early age, Portasha moved to Lynwood, California with her parents, where she remained until graduating from high school. Portasha has known since the age of five that she would be an attorney. She has always enjoyed assisting others in solving their personal and business problems.

Portasha graduated in 1993 from California State University at Long Beach with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice. She then attended Western State University College of Law in Fullerton, California, graduating in 1997.

After graduating from law school, Portasha worked for the civil litigation defense firm, Waters, McCluskey and Bohle in Santa Monica, California. In 2000, she was offered a position to train under John E. Sweeney, and Carl E. Douglas, who were former associates of Johnnie L. Cochran.

Portasha worked under Mr. Sweeney and Mr. Douglas for five years, where she developed her trial skills and tried criminal and civil cases. She obtained many not-guilty verdicts in criminal jury trials and multi-million dollar awards in civil trials.

While working for the John E. Sweeney Law Offices, Portasha represented Guillermo Flores Jr., who was severely injured in an automobile accident, sustaining severe brain damage. In April 2005, Portasha obtained a 2 million-dollar settlement for Mr. Flores.

In August 2005, Portasha was able to accomplish her lifelong dream, and opened the Law Offices Portasha R. Moore, where she practices family law and estate planning. Portasha is a member of the legal advisory board for the Jenesse Center, Inc., a domestic violence shelter for battered women.