Employment Law

EmploymentLawEmployment law is an aspect of doing business that employers cannot afford to ignore. The laws surrounding having employees can be complex and confusing, but failing to abide by them is a recipe for disaster – resulting in heavy costs that can destroy even a successful business.

At the Moore Law Firm, we offer assistance with a variety of employment law matters for clients throughout Los Angeles and Pasadena. Having worked with a wide range of employers across a range of issues, including discrimination, harassment, non-competes, contract negotiations, FLMA and more, we offer a level of experience that many other firms simply cannot match. Comfortable with employment law on both a state and federal level, our firm is ready to assist you with all of your employment law needs.

Many businesses are not big enough to have an attorney on staff, but that does not mean they do not need experienced legal guidance. The Moore Law Firm offers you a simple way to handle your employment law concerns at a reasonable cost. No matter how simple or how complex your needs, we can help.

Serving Employers And Employees

The Moore Law Firm works with both employers and employees in employment law related cases. Our goal is to serve the needs of our client, whichever side of the aisle they happen to be on. If you are an employee and you suspect that your employer is not abiding by the letter of the law, we are definitely interested in speaking with you. The attorney at the Moore Law Firm has helped a number of employees to stand up to companies that are not acting as they should. We will fight hard on your behalf, ensuring that you have every opportunity to win your case.

The Moore Law Firm offers a free initial consultation where you can explain your situation and get valuable feedback from an experienced attorney. Please contact our firm now to learn more.