Family Law

Joint-custodyFamily law cases can be some of the most emotionally challenging legal cases there are. In divorce, child custody arguments and property division cases, clients may find themselves facing hard situations with no easy answers. At times like these, it is incredibly important to have an experienced advocate on your side to ensure that your voice is heard and you are given every opportunity to achieve the outcomes you want.

The attorney at the Moore Law Firm works with family law clients throughout Los Angeles and Pasadena, helping them get a clear idea of what is ahead of them, and giving them honest answers about what needs to happen next. Our firm can assist you with all types of family law cases, including divorce, child custody, child support, property division and adoption.

The benefits of working with an experienced attorney cannot be overstated. Even if you are looking at a divorce or family law situation where you believe that both sides are on the same page, it is still extremely beneficial to have guidance – someone who can look out for your best interests, and save you from potentially costly mistakes.

Our firm understands how difficult family law cases can be, on both you and your loved ones. You can depend on us to be compassionate and to clearly communicate with you throughout your case. You are never left in the dark, and you are always the one that is ultimately in control of the actions of your attorney.

You do not have to go through this alone. Our firm is here to answer your questions and help you understand what your next steps should be. Please contact the Moore Law Firm today to schedule a free consultation about your case. Our attorney can give you straight answers about your legal options, and help you move forward with confidence.