Recent Cases

Earl Wright v. City of Los Angeles:
Officer Earl Wright was awarded 1.2 Million by a jury after being the target of vulgar racial harassment by a white supervisor and other officers.

Ronald Crump v. City of Los Angeles:
Los Angeles, Police Sergeant Ronald Crump received a 1.5 Million judgment from a jury award. Sgt. Crump civil lawsuit claimed he was a victim of anti-gay harassment and retaliation by a supervisor.

Bruce Stallworth v. City of Los Angeles:
Officer Bruce Stallworth received a $635,798 judgement awarded by a jury. Officer Stallworth lawsuit claimed he was discriminated and retaliated against during his employment with LAPD.

Frank Davis v. Universal Films:
Frank Davis, the African American First Assistant Director axed from the movie 2 Fast 2 Furious during the first months of principal photography in 2002. After three days of trial, in the United States District Court in Los Angeles, Universal offered to settle the case for a confidential amount.

People v. Pravin Govin:
One of the most highly publicized and notorious capital murder cases in Los Angeles city history. The first trial lasted two months and ended in a hung jury, with 9 of 12 jurors voting to acquit Mr. Govin.

Porter v. Vincenti:
Fire fighter injured by an out of control vehicle while standing in front of his La Canada-Flintridge firehouse. After a month long jury trial, a verdict was returned for plaintiff rewarding him damages in excess of $2 million.

Flores v. Quarto:
A young high school student was severely injured in an automobile accident. The case was settled with the defendant’s insurance company for multiple millions.

Blaylock v. Gila County, Arizona:
Father of plaintiffs died while in the custody of Gila County Sheriff. The case was settled for a confidential amount.

Charles Beatty v. City of Los Angeles:
This case involving the unlawful shooting of an elderly man by an officer of the Los Angeles Police Department. After a 3 week jury trial, Mr. Beatty was awarded $2.4 million dollars by a Los Angeles Superior Court jury.

Damgaard v. Los Angeles Philharmonic:
Personal injury trial where plaintiff was falsely accused of an act while attending a concert at the Hollywood Bowl. A Los Angeles Superior Court jury awarded a large seven figure verdict to plaintiff.